What do the students think?

We just finished a two week message series about sexual purity.  In preparation for the series we put out a big piece of butcher paper for several weeks with the series title written across the top and asked the students to tell us what they wanted to know about.  They could write anonymously on it, and we said that anything goes, we want to know what they REALLY want to know.



Nothing they wrote down was a real surprise, but I liked the fact that I knew I was teaching them something they wanted to know.  Through the series I answered everything they wrote down.  The response from students and parents has been tremendous.

I am curious, what do you do to hear from the students you are ministering to?

What kinds of questions have you asked?

What has been the most effective way to hear their opinions?

How often do you do it?

How much does their opinion influence your decisions?

We have done written surveys, open ended questions on post cards, posters like the one above, 1-on-1 meetings, and social media posts.  All of this has been pretty successful, but I hope to learn from some of you some more good ideas.  Thanks for chiming in!

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  1. Cool idea! We did a similar thing with a question and answer box that we put out for a week then went through the questions at our next gathering

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